How a lawsuit loan help the victim?

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How a lawsuit loan help the victim?


I work in a manufacturing company in California. Our company operates in an old weak building. Our company officials were planning to shift by next month. But before that, last month it collapsed without any warning. Since it was a holiday, only a few workers were there. Five of them had only small injuries. But the case of one employee was really serious. He had head and spinal cord injuries. He underwent several surgeries and is recovering now. But his financial situation is really pathetic. He was the only person earning in that house.

We had helped him as much as we can. Last day we approached a law firm to discuss compensation procedures and to file a case against the company. From there we came to know about lawsuit loans. Lawsuit loan helps to provide much-needed financial liquidity at a time when many plaintiffs are facing hardship due to medical costs and loss of employment income. We think it could help him in this situation. What do you guys think? Please share your suggestions.

Thank You!