Is couple therapy effective for dating couples?

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Is couple therapy effective for dating couples?


I'm a software engineer working in Toronto. I have been dating a girl for 4 years. We had problems between us during our dating time. But we overcame all that and decided to get married by the end of this year. Last month we got engaged in a small function. Everything was going well till our engagement. But the entire scenario changed after we got engaged. I can't understand what happened to her. She had changed to another person. I think now she feels our relationship to be a burden.

After going through all this, I doubt whether my decision to get married was wrong. I should have given her some more time before asking for this. Now when I recall, I feel like she was not so happy for taking this relationship to next level this soon. What will I do now? While discussing with my friends, they suggested going for a couple therapy. But none of my friends have attended it earlier. Is there anyone who have consulted a couple therapy specialist before? Please share your experience.

Thank You!